Certified Entrepreneur – to German Standards
A Certificate for sustainable “Management made in Germany”

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  • German small and medium-sized enterprises (the "German Mittelstand") gain an excellent international reputation, which attributes to their sustainable and internationally successful management, even in times of crisis (such as in 2008). The companies are regarded as reliable, qualitative and long-term oriented – and this does not just apply to the "hidden champions".

  • Many companies around the world would like to perform similar. German and also European enterprises would very much welcome, if their international partners had the same qualities of such a "sustainable management" as well, since this would promote mutual trust and facilitate cooperations.

  • Therefore, more and more companies in Germany and even in the EU are demanding from their potential partners proofs for being sustainable, professional and reliable.

  • The German Institute for small and medium sized Enterprises (DIKMU), as a leading research and teaching institution for the management of SMEs, is well acquainted with the specific characteristics, success factors and typical management behaviours of German companies. It can identify and evaluate these characteristics and requirements in companies as “German style”.

  • The review for the "Certified Entrepreneur – to German Standards" covers the search, identification, analysis and final evaluation of these characteristics and behaviours in any company. And if these characteristics are present in the companies in an appropriate manner, they will be awarded with the certificate.  

  • The certified companies are therefore enabled to identify themselves to potential partners in international exchanges and cooperations as been managed persistently (“sustained”), been respectable and comparable in terms of a “Management made in Germany”. Cooperation will thus be considerably facilitated and the trust of the foreign partner improved.

  • The certificate will be awarded by the German Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises (DIKMU). It is valid internationally and available all over the world.

  • Certified Entrepreneur – to German Standards" is even more than "just" a certificate: it bridges the gap between certification, consulting and training. As part of the review, the company receives a variety of capacity building and therefore emerges strengthened even out of the certification process.