CE Certified Entrepreneur
Reviewers: you want to be accredited?

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  • With pleasure!

    • Please contact us using this email: ce@dikmu.de.

    • In your email, please give us some helpful information about your profession and references, additionally your contact details, including a person to contact directly. And we also need to know in which country you offer you services.

    • All communications concerning "CE Certified Entrepreneur" are in English. But for your first request you can also contact us in German .

    • After you have contacted us, we will get back to you with further information at short notice, but also with further inquiries.

  • Procedure from application to accreditation:

    • Usually, respectable institutions from the respective countries propose appropriate reviewers. But reviewers can also introduce themselves directly at the institute as well.

    • The reviewer not only have to possess excellent knowledge of commercial and especially entrepreneurial processes and business conditions, but also have to be familiar with the respective country-specific and cultural framework – if possible as "natives". Appropriate reviewers are typically management and business consultants and coaches or other reviewers (as described above) as well as tax consultant and fiscal auditors with further competence in commercial analysis and consulting.

    • Potential reviewers may apply directly to the DIKMU, submitting meaningful documents and CV. After an initial examination by the DIKMU and with positive feedback these reviewers will be invited to the accreditation in Germany.

    • Accreditation will take place jointly for several applicants in Berlin. It is a 2-day workshop with the accreditation at its end.

    • The accreditation is free of charge, only the travel to Berlin has to be paid by the applying reviewers.

    • Afterwards, the reviewers will be provided with all the necessary documentation and are enabled to start immediately with the acquisition and review of companies in their country.

  • Procedure from review to certification:

    • Search, identification, selection and addressing of appropriate companies to be assessed have to be carried out by the accredited reviewer in his own responsibility.

    • Before starting the review, the reviewer must inform the DIKMU about the pending review. The DIKMU can only object to the pending review if there are serious reservations and good reasons against. Usually the company can start the review immediately.

    • The reviewer has to follow closely the DIKMU's extensive catalogue of questions and tasks of visual inspection. He has to collect the necessary information and to sift through the submitted documents. He then has to evaluate the company state according to the guidelines given by the DIKMU.

    • It is expressly desired that the reviewer also identifies weaknesses within the assessment process and presents ways of eliminating them.

    • Furthermore, please note: All communication between DIKMU, reviewers and companies for negotiation and review including all documents of the entire certification process will be done and written in English.

    • The resulting report will be sent to the DIKMU along with the reviewer’s detailed assessments and his final suggestion. The DIKMU will examine the review documents and decides on the certification, if necessary with further requirements for the company or retrainings.

    • If necessary, the company must then comply with these requirements under the supervision of the reviewer.

    • The DIKMU then draws up the individual certificate and hands it over to the reviewer, who himself hands this over to the company.

    • The reviewer can and should demand a fee from the company for his certification. The reviewer’s fee can be freely negotiated with the companies. However, it should be based on common national and industry-standard rates for about 2 till 4 consultant days. Furthermore, the reviewer has to charge the company for the certification fee and to pass on the payment to the DIKMU. The certification fee will only be charged in the case of a positive decision for the company.

    • The DIKMU includes the new Certified Entrepreneur on the public list (on the internet) and in the club / network. The club / network is still evolving and will soon be installed and expanded with the growing number of members.

    • The certificate is initially valid for 5 years. Beyond this time the validity of the certificate and membership in the club expires.

    • But, at the end of this period, the company can be re-examined during a new but shortened review. A positive result of the second review then leads to the permanent validity of the certificate and membership in the club.

    • The fee for the reviewer for this repeated review has to take in account the associated significantly lower costs. The certification fee is also significantly lower than the initial certification.

    • The members of the upcoming Club of Certified Entrepreneurs will be invited annually to a convention at changing places in the world for networking and cooperation. For this purpose, all reviewers are invited, too.