Certified Entrepreneur – to German Standards
What are the benefits of the certificate

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  • The companies receive a certificate from the German Institute for small and medium sized Enterprises (DIKMU) and thus a prestigious certificate for respectability, long-term orientation and sustainable management.

  • The certified companies are therefore enabled to identify themselves to potential partners in international exchanges and cooperations as been managed persistently (“sustained”), been respectable and comparable in terms of a “Management made in Germany”. Cooperation will thus be considerably facilitated and the trust of the foreign partner improved.

  • The companies can call themselves "Certified Entrepreneur to German Standards". They become a member of the "Club of Certified Entrepreneurs", a emerging global network of international exchange and cooperation and of mutual aid. Furthermore, they are listed in a public list of the DIKMU as a Certified Entrepreneur.

  • The certificate contributes to the corporate image, gives business partners a first orientation and has a motivating effect on one's own employees – all important prerequisites for sustainably improving market opportunities.

  • This is especially helpful for young companies outside the EU. For them the certificate as a proof coming from Germany is particularly important.

  • There are an increasing number of companies that demand such a certificate from their business partners as a proof of sustainable management "made in Germany" and thus want to gain confidence and security for their cooperation project. For any company in the world, the certificate is an appropriate means to check if the foreign company is a trustworthy and professional partner.

  • "Certified Entrepreneur – to German Standards" is even more than "just" a certificate: it bridges the gap between certification, consulting and training. As part of the review, the company receives a variety of capacity building and therefore emerges strengthened even out of the certification process.

  • Once the "Club of Certified Entrepreneurs" is established, the members will be invited annually to a convention at changing places in the world for networking and cooperation. All reviewers will be invited for this convention, too.