Certified Entrepreneur – to German Standards
The reviewers: Who will assess the companies?

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  • The companies are assessed by accredited experts (“reviewers”) settled and engaged in the respective countries. They will work along the exact guidelines of the DIKMU.

  • The reviewer not only have to possess excellent knowledge of commercial and especially entrepreneurial processes and business conditions, but also have to be familiar with the respective country-specific and cultural framework – if possible as "natives".

  • The reviewers are (usually) proposed to the DIKMU by respected institutions from the respective countries. But reviewers can also introduce themselves directly at the institute as well. The reviewers then apply formally to the DIKMU, are comprehensively evaluated and will be accredited by the DIKMU in a short workshop in Germany if the decision is positive. They can then start over with the assessments immediately.

  • Search, identification, selection and addressing of appropriate companies to be assessed has to be carried out by the accredited reviewers in their own responsibility.

  • The reviewers should demand a fee from the companies for their services - beyond the certification fee. The reviewer’s fee can be freely negotiated with the companies. However, it should be based on common national and industry-standard rates.