Certified Entrepreneur – to German Standards
The companies: Who can be certified?

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  • The certificate “Certified Entrepreneur – to German Standards” accosts companies that want to present themselves as been serious and professionally managed and set up for the long term – by using a German certificate.

  • Especially the small and medium-sized enterprises in the respective countries are in the focus, who want to cooperate internationally in the near future, either in other countries or in your own country with international partners.

  • The business of these companies should be aligned in the long term and thus compulsively registered and officially approved in the respective countries. The business of the company may not only consist in the execution of a temporary project or in the administration of subordinate bodies, companies or projects (e.g. as Holdings).

  • The target groups for the certificate are not limited to specific industries, nor are quantitative limits (such as turnover, number of employees, capital) set.

  • But for large, globally active and diverse bran­ched companies, the certificate is not intended.

  • Rather, when selecting the appropriate companies for the review, the traditional image of the small and medium-sized individual company (SME) is in focus.

  • Nonetheless, this limitation should not exclude companies that operate globally or that dominate markets (e.g. the so called "hidden champions").