Activities and current research and transfer projects



  • Education and teaching: The Institute supplies SME with actual managerial and technological insights in a didactively appealing way from science, business and technology. It offers education and know-how transfer in seminars to managers or employees of SME according to their needs. It supports the cooperation and mutual understanding of large companies and SME in its events.

  • Research and Development: The Institute carries out practical but also scientific business research. It carries out success orientated development of complex business administrative methods. It publishes actual results from research and development.

  • Consulting and Networking: The Institute supports a close cooperation between large companies and SME. It develops visions and strategies for different company areas. It provides advice for various economic problems. It accompanies the realization of the results. It provides SME and large companies and associations with a varied network in Germany and abroad. Therefore the Institute follows its role as a turntable between business start-ups, small enterprises, self-employed and medium-sized companies.